What is Tuleane Afrika Initiative

Tuleane Afrika Initiative is a Social Inclusive Organization that offers solutions to All Matters Autism. We are registered as a Community Based Organization. We are here to bring meaningful engagement and participation, great debates and discussions to empower the lives of children to adults with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.

Do you worry about your child acquiring functional and living skills, the social adaptation of your child, how to engage your child within your community? These are questions that we ask ourselves as parents and still worry about them after we are long gone. 

Tuleane Afrika Initiative has got your back. On this website we have interesting Awareness and Acceptance Modules, curriculums on Executive Functioning, Functional Living Skills and Group or School Physical Training. We are Solution Centered!

Through Metis, we have partnered with Wynton School of Music to the Home and introduced enriching the curriculum as a way of bringing alternative ways of learning that is outside the norm.  As a team, during the introductory classes, we have found joy in music through the eyes of the girls as they danced and learnt life skill lessons through group dance.

We propose to introduce Art and Drama as alternate classes in the coming term.  The Art will be a project which will in the future sustain itself while providing funds to those whose creations meet the demands of the market.  Gift bags, envelopes, and Greeting Cards are readily sold within organizations during this festive period and we look to tap into this as we host the Art Classes at the Home.  This will also bring competitiveness within the school and eagerness to work to attain their financial freedom.  The money paid to them will also bring Numeracy to the fore as they learn banking and saving tips through the results of their hard work.  Learning how to write their names and sign will not be a literacy lesson but a sign of importance to them to walk into a banking hall to get assistance.

The drama club will be a way of expressing ourselves through pantomimes or spoken acting plays that will speak about their femininity, environment, and various topics as directed.  The girls are capable of learning and adapting and we look forward to working together on this.

Music is therapeutic, playing an instrument is a milestone as it brings about opportunities to be part of the worship teams in church or even play with groups within the communities as a way of inclusion.

This will bring about well-rounded girls, who can express themselves and be vocal on their needs, and the assumption of no speech will fade in the eyes of those watching.

As an end of year graduation party, we are planning a Musical performance for the parents. It shall be an eye opener to them, to believe in their child.

Children born with any Intellectual and Developmental disorders are one of the most marginalized and excluded groups in society. Facing daily discrimination in various forms; they are effectively barred from realizing their rights to healthcare, education, social protection and even survival.  TAI takes advantage of the convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified by the government and local legislation such as the Persons with disability Act 2012 to ensure circumstances of children living with disabilities in Kenya are greatly improved.


The Emperor Constantine of Constantine then made a change to the constitution that shocked the conventionally minded Romans. He transferred powers to the church that had previously been granted to local magistrates. Though this practice lasted for a short while, it did happen. The world was under the blanket of Covid 19, but we have come to terms to accept this and move on even though it still remains a threat. Why do I quote the 2 examples?

Reading the Bible, the first Palm Sunday signifies a time when the Jews wanted to make Jesus their King by default. However, around 312 BC, the Church albeit for a short while, managed to turn over a new leaf in the life of the Emperor then. Constantine by winning a war, capturing Rome. We have won the war on Covid 19, life has almost resumed to near normal. I believe it is time we came to accept and bring these discussions within the communities where our children live. We can change the story, one parent at a time, one trainer at a time, one community at time. It is our time to rise!

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